At some point, some local news station got to hire a rapper to do the daily weather report. It's possibly the most important news that people rely on each day before stepping out of their house. Jim Jones might be the man for the job. If you follow Jim Jones on the 'Gram and you live in New York City, you've probably benefited from his daily weather report.

It's freezing on the east coast today but Jim Jones came through with his daily report to make sure everyone is bundled up properly. "#WeavahReport 19 degrees in th Nyc/nj area clear sky’s but it’s brick jack slapping n****s for no reason he big mad," he captioned his video before warning the world of the frigidness of the outdoors.

"Jack Frost out here swingin' on n***as. Who forgot to pay Jack Frost his money? 'Cause he act like he got a vendetta. I don't even know that n***a like that for him to be swingin' on me," he said. "So here's the drift, it's 19 degrees in New York City. Super cold. Freezing temperatures. It's pretty nice outside but it's dumb ice out here."

With all that being said, Jim Jones had a message, especially for the ladies. "Baby girl, no skirts or no dresses today. All them thot boxes gon' freeze up, ya hurd? Keep that thang warm!"

Weather Network, please give Jim Jones a job.