Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O'Brien teamed up on Tuesday to troll President Donald Trump after he threw shade at the hosts. During a speech at a rally in South Carolina, Donald Trump called Colbert a "low life," and commented on an interview he did with Fallon where the comedian touches his hair. "The guy screws up my hair. He's going back and forth. He was so disappointed to find out it was real. He couldn't believe it," Trump gloated during the speech. He also took to Twitter and told Fallon to "be a man."

Colbert and Fallon fired back at Trump, with the help of O'Brien, in a short sketch that aired on both CBS' The Late Show and NBC's The Tonight Show. In the sketch, Colbert calls Fallon on a video chat. "Hey, low-life," Fallon greets Colbert. "Hey, lost soul," Colbert responds. After reminding Fallon to "be a man," the two talk about Trump's rally. "Did you see Trump's rally last night?" Fallon asks Colbert. "I heard he said some pretty bad stuff about us. I heard he said we were all no talent, low-life, lost souls." "Well that's not right, that's Conan," responds Colbert.

Conan seems to be lost in time in the sketch, and can't believe that Trump, "the real estate guy who sells steaks," is president. "How's he doing?" asks O'Brien. "Not so good," Colbert replies. At the end of the sketch, Fallon and Colbert agree to grab food at the Red Hen, the restuarant that refused to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.