Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" has been catching people in small fibs for years now, mostly about things like fake band names, but today Kimmel released a special election edition that he called the "Kid Rock the vote" edition of Lie Witness News. The point of the segment is a cynical one: to get people to do the thing they often do: lie to sound like they know about something. This segment takes it to another level though.

This special election edition has the Jimmy Kimmel Live crew asking people how they feel about Kid Rock's senate win. Most of them have something to say about it and the ones who don't are quickly convinced by a fake acceptance speech, which is just a video of Kid Rock performing with some CNN graphics posted on top (at one moment Kid Rock yells something less-than-tactful about gendered bathrooms).

Of all the interactions with the public, there was one that stood out as clearly the funniest (at 1:31). The interviewer asked, "how do you feel about Kid Rock's campaign slogan, 'smell my fingers, no new taxes?'" to which the interviewees replied "Why would I wanna smell your fingers?"

Watch the whole video below: