Last night, Nicki Minaj went on somewhat of a Twitter tirade about the conspiracy surrounding her appearance on the new Migos single "Motor Sport." In the rant, she clapped back at "men in our culture who simply refuse to let it go," which many felt was a shot at both Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks of Everyday Struggle. In case you missed it, on Monday, Joe and Akademiks were discussing how Nicki and Cardi came to be on a track together, with the former delivering one of his signature "conspiracy theories." In the elaborate theory, Joe made the suggestion that Minaj didn't even know the Bodak Yellow rapper would be on the track in the first place, which clearly drew the ire of the Pinkprint rapper. 

On today's episode, Joey and Akademiks were quick to address Nicki's tweets, with Joe taking a hard-lined approach in his response. "Nicki, baby, Nicki, just shut the fuck up," says Budden, never one to mince words:

"Just stop...Let me try to not sound so harsh with my tone...In her thinking, Quavo called and basically was looking for permission to put one of the group member's girlfriend on the song?" He elaborates further, stating "People are using Cardi B. Cardi is hot as fuckin' fish grease and she is being used. Nicki your brand is huge and you're a fuckin' huge superstar brand wise, but you need that record, and you need that look....If you were not going to clear it, when were you putting your Uzi record out? The record that Uzi did, that your desperate ass hopped on immediately, without being requested to be there, and then sent to Atlantic for them to clear...As they're trying to break their brand new woman act??? Answer it!"

Ultimately, the whole "Motor Sport" saga seems to have blown way out of proportion, but damned if it isn't keeping us entertained while we wait for some new music. If you want to catch the whole conversation about Nicki Minaj, check out the clip below. Minaj talk begins around the six minute mark.