Man, the young emcees of today just cannot stay in Joe Budden's good graces for very long.

From the Migosinterview walk-off to the YesJulz Twitter incident, Budden has certainly made a name for himself as someone who can get irked, perhaps too easily, by any up-and-comers who try and sound off on his comments. Case in point is Budden's latest opponent: Fatboy SSE.

The prank video star/rapper took to his own Twitter account to sound off on comments that implied that he was an "Instagram n****" and presumably didn't wholly deserve his current place in the hip-hop spotlight. He added that Budden knows better and is "not stupid," and therefore should've potentially kept some of those thoughts to himself. The Everyday Struggle host wasn't going to let this go unnoticed, however.

Replying with "Say less," Budden made his position very clear as well. The respect for Fatboy and his come-up story is clearly not being given much respect from the hip-hop veteran, resulting in some onlookers basking in the glow of a new batch of social media drama from Complex's king of stirring the pot. He even briefly called out Fatboy at the end of the August 7th episode of Everyday Struggle. It doesn't sound like he wants to be messed with. Check it out below.