He may be on the oust from Complex's Everyday Struggle web series, but opinionated rapper Joe Budden isn't letting that development ruin his holiday time. In fact, Budden has something else to celebrate this December: the birth of his son Lexington, who he welcomed with Cyn Santana just a few short weeks ago.

In a heartfelt new video that he shared on Instagram, Joe is seen dancing slowly with his son to the gorgeous backdrop of an R&B tune. "Chef is cooking, cleaners cleaning, wife wrapping gifts...... & we’re dancing," he captioned on Instagram. "Happy Holidays from my family to you & yours. PS. The Dad belly is REAL!!!" Joe added, commenting on a growing little gut that is visible for a few seconds in the video clip.

The pregnancy, which Cyn Santana announced back in August, came to term just a couple of weeks ago, with Lexington arrived just before Christmas. "Thank you guys so so so so much for all the positive vibrations," Santana said via Twitter shortly after the birth. "I really appreciate it. I am so overwhelmed!" There's no telling what baby Lexington will be receiving from Santa this year, but there's little doubt about one thing: no gift is going to top the arrival of a new son for Joe Budden this year.

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