For the past few weeks, the long-running story in hip hop has surrounded Joe Budden's exit from "Everyday Struggle" and the future of the show. It's been a general public consensus that Joe Budden was a huge factor to the show and without him, there's a good chance it may not be as successful. Rumors started floating around about Joe Budden getting deals with other media companies including REVOLT. The reported deal with REVOLT was worth $5M and was even furthered when Joe Budden and Charlamagne the God announced they'd host "This Year Was Dope/Trash." However, it seems like $5M deal isn't exactly correct.

Joe Budden hit his podcast to provide further insight on his departure from "Everyday Struggle." While the other two hosts, Mal and Rory, chimed in on people congratulating them on the rumored deal for the "Joe Budden Podcast," Joe Budden took some time at the beginning of the show to dispel the rumors surrounding the $5M deal for "the Joe Budden Podcast" on REVOLT. Budden seemed to be in disbelief that people thought the podcast received that much.

"See, I ain't mind the rumor. The wild shit, they said 'for the podcast.'" he said, "Then it was like, 'Aww, damn. Damn, we done broke the bank!' For a podcast? Five milli? Shit."

Later on in the episode, Joe Budden gives a much more detailed account of some of the behind the scenes stuff that led to his departure from the show.

Listen to the podcast below with his comments on REVOLT around the 1:50 mark.