Nothing lets the haters know that their words aren't getting to you quite like Joe Budden's latest merchandise item that he's put up for sale on his website.

The Everyday Struggle commentator and outspoken member of the rap community is now selling T-shirts with the phrase "F**k Joe budden" printed on them as part of the apparel collection that he offers to his fans online. For $30 plus shipping, you could be the proud owner of a Heather Grey proclamation of Budden's complete and utter disregard for those who continue to fire shots at him for his strong opinions on a wide variety of topics that have graced the hip-hop headlines over the past year. You can check out the "F**k Joe Budden" shirt here.

[Image courtesy of Joe Budden's online store]

If you're not feeling the plain grey vibe of that particular shirt, then you'll be happy to know that Budden is offering his fans some variety when it comes to clothing that pokes fun at his own controversial image. Both a hoodie and a black shirt that replaces the "f**k" with a middle finger are also being made available in the near future, giving the phrase a little more visual panache. Those two items will be part of his Rage & The Machine line of merch, which includes a range of other logos and styles. Talk about literally profiting off of the haters.

The "F**k Joe Budden" movement, ironically or not, has been raging since the spring of this year, when Lil Yachty made a now-famous appearance on Everyday Struggle. The young rapper, who was stopping by to help promote his album Teenage Emotions, was criticized by Budden for his unflappably positive demeanor. In fact, Joe went so far as to call that disposition "bulls**t." In true high school drama fashion, it doesn't seem like Yachty has been able to let the issue go, recently sporting his own "F**k Joe Budden" hoodie at a recent concert of his. The crowd soon began to chant the words in unison, making for quite the exclamation point that the rapper indirectly fired back at the veteran of the industry.

What do you think of Joe Budden's new shirt and hoodie designs? Funny or tone-deaf? Let us know in the comments.