Joe Budden may have lost his blue check on Twitter, but he hasn't lost his swagger. After suddenly losing his verification on the platform, the rapper-turned-podcaster reacted with the perfect remark, asserting himself and claiming that he's been the real deal since long before he was recognized as a top-tier contributor to the platform.


"What happened to the blue check?" asked a fan to Joe Budden after realizing that his verified status was no longer showing up on his profile. "Doesn’t matter lol... i was verified long before Twitter," he said, recalling his presence in the rap game and before. 

While it doesn't make much sense for somebody with as big a platform as Joe Budden to be unverified on social media -- there are already dozens of imposters running around with similar account names, pretending to be the media personality -- the reason behind his shake-up on Twitter is currently still a mystery. Some people have suggested that the retired rapper may have tried to change his account to a private one, which apparently would have removed his verified check.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Thankfully, Budden isn't too shaken up about this. Recently, he has shifted over to Patreon to host his podcast, moving onto bigger and better things and allowing for a more seamless transaction of content. This way, Budden is more in control of his destiny, getting to see every person who subscribes to his channel and having a more intimate connection with his fans.

Why do you think Joe Budden had his blue check taken away?