And so a new, Budden-less season of Everyday Struggle begins.

There was much debate during the holiday season of 2017 over who might replace the outspoken rapper as co-host, alongside DJ Akademiks, on the popular web series that also features Nadeska Alexis as the ring leader/moderator. Budden was a force of nature on the show, getting into it with Ak and even providing some of last year's best hip-hop memes (including a Migos interview walk-off). However, that's all in the past as of today, with a new STAR being born on the Struggle set.

STAR, aka Troi Torain, is well-known as a radio shock jock, having held morning show positions at several stations in large hip-hop markets. He brings a wealth of experience to the table and should be an interesting foil for DJ Akademiks. He may not be as outwardly antagonistic as Joe Budden was in conversation but, as he puts it early on in the first episode of the new season, he's not here trying to make friends. Check out the entire episode below.

As for Joe Budden, he's a man who's definitely keeping busy even without his Everyday Struggle commitment. Besides pulling some major daddy duties for his new infant son at home, Joe's got some high-profile projects just around the corner. His new deal with Revolt continues to build up anticipation with his fans, who are excited for him to get back into the commentary game. There's also the possibility of he and Lil Uzi Verthopping on a collab together. Are you down for that? Let us know in the comments.