It might be surprising to some, but Joe Budden has slid through to become one of hip-hop's biggest media voices. While his stint on Complex's Everyday Struggle was short-lived, it helped solidify him as one to watch. Not to mention his ongoing "Joe Budden Podcast," which features enough content to satisfy even the most ardent Budden fiends. Now with a Spotify deal in the works, Budden took some time out of his busy schedule to hit up The Breakfast Club, for a wide ranging conversation. Given his tendency to find himself in a variety of engaging situations, topics like Eminem, money moves, and his Everyday Struggle departure are broached. 

The interview immediately kicks off on a messy, yet amusing note, in which the group find humour in a Budden sex scandal rumour. From there, discourse takes a more serious turn, as Joe addresses his relationship with Eminem. Recall, the man previously found himself the reported target of Em's wrath on "Chloraseptic Remix."  When Charlamagne inquires about whether Joe felt "forced" to throw shade at Em's Revival singles, he doubled down on his narrative. "I have a problem with artists who latch on to big movements when you trying to sell a record," says Joe. He does, however clarify that he cleared things up with Royce, who took issue with Joe's tirade. 

As for Complex, Budden addressed his widely publicized departure with the company, citing "creative differences" as a prominent factor. "I thought it would be a bit more mature," said Budden, "I thought some of the content would be more mature." He does give a shoutout of sorts to former host Akademiks, admitting he'll check out the show for his opinion, though not "very often." Be sure to peep Budden's whole interview below.