Today, Everyday Struggle fans continue to lament the loss of the year's most integral hip-hop series. While the fate of Akademiks and Nadeska remain uncertain, it has become widely circulated that Joe Budden has severed ties with Complex. We've already covered his response, as issued on his longstanding The Joe Budden Podcast this morning, but the fallout continues to spread. Evidently, many fans have come to appreciate the dislike-turned-mutual-respect that developed between Akademiks and Joe throughout the show, and it feels as if Struggle was cut short before that dynamic could fully flourish. And while Joe has already begun teasing his plans for future moves, including a year-end-round-up with Charlamagne Tha God, some have been wondering if he has any intentions of continuing a partnership with Ak.

While he has yet to give a concrete answer, Budden recently responded to a fan asking about Akademik's current situation at Complex. While Budden isn't exactly sure on where Ak stands within the company, he does drop a gem that's sure to cause some speculation. "I think i can pay him more than they will do we’ll see," says Joe, and like that, the plot thickens. But where does Ak stand on this? The self-made Youtuber-turned-Host addressed the Everyday Struggle implosion on Twitch last night, and while he couldn't exactly say much, he was clearly disappointed in the way it played out. While he made no secret of his initial problems with Joe, he explained that they eventually developed a friendship, and felt that their partnership was only getting started.

Suffice it to say, they both feel like the dynamic is there, and the fans are inclined to agree. As of now, nothing is concrete, but this might not be the last time we see Joe and Akademiks working together. Are ya'll there for a reunion?