Yesterday, Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas engaged in a spirited tilt, much to the delight of fans. Though far from a sincere "beef," the exchange popped off after Tory confidently dubbed himself a superior rapper than Joyner; naturally, this claim prompted a clap back from Lucas, who proceeded to challenge Lanez to a high-noon esque rap duel. Tory proceeded to accept, issuing the first round with a "Lucky You" freestyle. Joyner followed suit, and fired back with his own take on "Litty."

In the aftermath of round one, Joe Budden took some time to reflect on the spontaneous bout of hip-hop competition, mentioning Tory's unabashed confidence. He likened the situation to his own beef with Drake, saying "I was I was the better rapper, he was saying he's doing a lot better than you." Mal explains that there's a clear, objective hierarchy in the pantheon of hip-hop skills, and questions whether Joe believes that Joyner Lucas raps better than Tory Lanez. "Yes," says Joe, without hesitation.

"I would think ninety-five percent of the other rappers in hip-hop would feel the same way," says Mal. "That's not a knock on Tory, saying he can't rap. There are certain dudes you won't be able to rap better than." Joe proceeds to offer a counterpoint. "Now that I'm retired I don't really put all the weight in the raps," says Joe. "I spread it around. Do you think Tory Lanez makes better music than Joyner Lucas?" The debate expands, as Joe, Rory, and Mal attempt to find common objective ground on an inherently subjective topic. 

Peep the whole Joe Budden Podcast below. Joyner vs. Tory talk kicks off around the seventy-eight-minute mark.