Joe Rogan has been keeping the content coming in almost every day, while fans await his move from YouTube to Spotify come September. For now, it's all YouTube. The podcast host and UFC commentator welcomed Honey Honey, a pair of musicians who are past podcast guests, to discuss all things life in an epic four-hour conversation.

Rogan discusses the usual gamut of subjects with Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe, namely, everything that's happening in the world right now. That means, a lot of discussion around politics, Trump's various missteps-- including the Bible photo op he had the other week-- as well as who else might be able to fill the role of President.

The conversation begins with The Rock. Rogan advocates for The Rock at first, before later suggesting Killer Mike. "The Rock for president," he starts, "Step in, step in. I saw your Instagram, my brother, listen, you could do it, I vote for you, no one's going to fuck with You. You are America, by the way."

Rogan continued to enumerate The Rock's qualities: "And he's a super nice guy, legitimately super nice, incredibly ambitious. He is the American dream, he came up from poverty. He epitomizes hard work." 

However, as the conversation takes a turn, Rogan has a sudden thought: "Killer Mike, how about Killer Mike for President?" Joe Rogan adds, "He could be president, no bullshit. 100%."

What do you think between the two contenders? Watch the full podcast episode below.