Over the weekend, Joe Rogan went viral with an excerpt from his podcast with guest Eric Weinstein. The clip in question found the podcast host affirming he'd vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden, which of course, sparked a healthy amount of debate and backlash.

In Rogan's latest podcast episode, episode #1454 with Dan Crenshaw, Rogan dives back into the political talk, and clarifies his remarks from the last episode.

Dan Crenshaw is a politician himself and a former United States Navy SEAL, and spoke to Rogan about the government's approach to COVID-19 as well as the presidential race, among other things.

"I'm on the left but I find myself more and more getting confused," Joe Rogan tells Crenshaw, who himself leans more to the right.

Joe Rogan Trump Over Biden

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

"It's more of a mystery now because I said I wouldn't vote for Biden, I said I would vote for Trump over Biden, all these people went crazy," Rogan continued. "But let me be clear, I'd vote for Whoopi Goldberg over Joe Biden, I'd vote for Mike Tyson over Joe Biden. I just don't think it's a good idea to take someone who's struggling with dementia, and put him in one of the most stressful positions the world has ever known, that's what I'm saying. It's not an endorsement of Trump as it is me saying you shouldn't have a man who is clearly, clearly in the throes of dementia. I mean, I'm not a doctor, but when you can't form sentences in public and you forget what you're talking about and you wonder off in these conversations. If you're not smoking pot, if you're not high, if you're not on pills, what's going on? There's cognitive decline. He's an older man that has mental issues. Not to be cruel to him, he's suffering medically, it's a real issue. And the Democrats want to sweep that under the rug, and Trump is already chewing him apart, he's already dismissing him."

Check out the brand new podcast episode below.