Joe Rogan has been ushering in the guests for his Joe Rogan Experience podcast despite the social distancing rules, and today, he's revealed the extra precautions that he's put into place because of COVID-19.

The prolific podcast host has given us several episodes on the topic of Coronavirus thus far, including a very interesting episode with guest Eric Weinstein as well as a couple with disease experts, like Peter Hotez and Michael Osterholm.

Today's guest is not a disease expert, rather, a comedian and good friend to Rogan, Chris D'Elia. D'Elia's recent comedy special, No Pain, is now streaming on Netflix, so the comedian is doing the little bit of promo that's possible right now by visiting Rogan's studio.

At the outset of the video, Rogan confirms that both he and D'Elia are Corona-free at the moment.

Chris Delia Joe Rogan coronavirus test

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

D'Elia jokes that the way he was able to get a test is because of Rogan, who apparently has a doctor lying in wait at the studio.

Rogan reveals, "I've been tested twice already, I got tested yesterday, and I tested two days before that."

Rogan continued, "I'm testing everybody. So the way we're doing this here, is when people come in to the podcast, test them first, keep the fuck away from them, and then give them a hug."

"They're saying that way more people have this than previously thought [...] so the risk of hospitalization or death is way lower than they thought," Rogan adds for a glimmer of optimism. 

The conversation covers a lot more topics than simply COVID-19 testing, as it spans almost three hours. Check it out in full below.