Olivia Pierson, one of the stars of the E! reality show "WAGS," posted a picture of herself with a shirtless Joel Embiid on instagram yesterday in honor of Valentine's Day which, by all means, confirmed the two were a couple. 

However, Embiid was quick to comment, “Old news I’m not trusting this process” on that photo and then followed it up with a screenshot of her post with #FakeNews stamped over it which, by all means, confirmed he is still very much single.

It was recently announced that Embiid won't be taking part in the Skills Competition or the Rising Stars Challenge in New Orleans this weekend due to a knee injury, but he'll still be in the Big Easy for the festivities so maybe he just wants to keep his options open while he's down there.

Both posts have since been deleted but you can check out the screen shots below.