Joel Embiid fired back his greatest critic Colin Cowherd. Cowherd is one of those 'sports guys' with a nationally syndicated audience, so what he says goes for the most part, until someone with an equally big frame stands up to him. In October, Cowherd was extremely critical of the Sixers' chances of anything much less a playoff berth going into the season, forecasting less than 40 wins.

Well jokes on him. The Sixers reached the 40th victory in their 70th game of the season and look hard pressed to fall out of the playoff picture. As the Sixers were nearing the 40 mark, Embiid began to draw attention to those Cowherd's earlier remarks by digging up their posts on social media and reposting them with new timestamp. Cowherd's analysis of Embiid in particular was very far off the mark, calling him a "riot on twitter" and "really good" but largely unproven due to "restricted minutes." To make matters worse, Cowherd even rated the lowly Lakers head and shoulders above the Sixers in the preseason. The Lakers are very much a proto vehicle until proven otherwise. The Sixers are, well, on the cusp.

This was Embiid's official response:

Trust the process, folks.