Nothing like a good-natured roast between close friends. On Thursday (May 14th), Joey Bada$$ and Denzel Curry linked up over Instagram live where they hilariously dunked on each other's music. At one point during the exchange, Joey began roasting Denzel for the lack of appeal that his hypothetical after-parties possess.

"First of all, I’ve never even heard of a Denzel Curry after-party," Joey declares. "Who the f*ck wants to go to a Denzel Curry after-party?!" Denzel fires back by taking a jab at Joey's rap style, exclaiming, "Man who the hell wanna hear 'boom-bap' in the club?!"

joey bada$$ denzel curry diss roast instagram liveRoy Rochlin/Getty Images 

Denzel continues to drag Joey's discography, specifying that he "ain’t tryna hear" Joey's debut mixtape, 1999, in the club. "I'm tryna hear DaBaby," he adds. Joey admits that while he "ain’t got no records in the club" at least he can get people to come to his after-parties.

joey bada$$ denzel curry diss roast instagram liveDia Dipasupil/Getty Images

"Play got-damn ‘Survival Tactics’ [in the club], what’s gon' happen?" Denzel points out, referring to one of the 'boom-bap' joints off 1999. "Lit," Joey insists. "You gon’ get punched in the face." However, Denzel disagrees. "My shit is gon’ get lit,” he retorts. “Your shit gon’ be like, ‘Yea..yea…'" While they're clearly engaging in some lighthearted ridicule in this instance, these two rappers are used to battling it out with each other. Last November, Joey and Denzel went head-to-head in a rap duel for the ages at Red Bull Zeltron World Wide. Perhaps they'll set out for round two over IG live sometime soon now that they've got all this free time (and clearly love one-upping each other in a friendly manner).