Though Donald Trump's people deemed Kanye West's music not "traditionally American" enough for Inauguration Day festivities, they reportedly asked a truckload of other artists -- including rappers -- to perform for him. Well, you can add Joey Bada$$ to the growing list of emcees who declined that special request. Cinematic Music Group founder Jonny Shipes confirmed it in a tweet Thursday night.

Shipes took the opportunity to plug the Brooklyn rapper's new single "Land Of The Free" that landed today -- Bada$$ is signed to his label. It's ironic that Trump's people would try to book Badmon since he made his feelings quite clear in the first single off his new album AABA, spitting, “Sorry ‘Murica but I will not be your soldier. Obama just wasn’t enough, I need some more closure. And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over.”