It's been a highly successful and productive year for Joey Bada$$. He made a major mark this past year after releasing his album All Amerikkkan Bada$$. The album propelled his career to new heights and helped him gain opportunities in other fields aside from music. Earlier this year, he appeared in PONY's fall campaign. Now, his relationship with the clothing brand has seemingly strengthened as he's now the creative director at Product Of New York.

Joey Bada$$ is now PONY's new creative director. The rapper launched his debut collection with the brand that's available only at select locations throughout the country. Joey collaborated alongside the folks at PONY to create the concept, the design and the overall style of the capsule collection. 

"Being crowned the first Creative Director of feels amazing to receive that title with a brand that is in sync with who you are," Joey said, "It's pure synergy. This is some classic, authentic, vibe: that's how I feel. I am a 'Product of New York' and I plan to keep bringing my inspirations and background to PONY naturally."

In addition to the announcement, they've released Joey Bada$$ PONY collaborative signature sneakers. Three of them dropped today while the fourth drops in the New Year. The sneakers that were released today are part of the Pro Era suede collection in red, green and yellow. Those are currently available at Urban Outfitters. Meanwhile, the burgundy sneaker will be dropping in the new year.

Check out the announcement video below.