John Cena stopped by Ellen on Monday, and he brought his new haircut along with him. While most men are allowed to grow their hair as they please, Cena has received a collective grimace from his fans.  The wrestler turned actor decided to stray from his usual buzz cut, and he's been growing his hair out for months. The second he sat down on Ellen, she brought up the new hairdo. 

"It's weird to see you with hair," admitted Ellen. "Weird? I thought we could start with, 'hello, nice to see you again,'" responded a visually embarrassed Cena. "We're just so used to seeing you with no hair," she replied, doubling back on her "weird" comment. After admitting that he hadn't changed his signature hairstyle in 40 years, Cena stated, "Why not embrace the uncomfortable for once?" He does admit that he misses getting $8 haircuts, and he's confused by the products that seem to proliferate in the hair care aisle. 

"It's been awesome because WWE fans are very dedicated and very devoted," Cena continued. "I went to film a movie in China and the movie was six months long, and in the process, I grew my hair out." Of course, when Cena came back, those die-hard WWE fans were not pleased.