A reporter is getting dragged by Chrissy Teigen's fanbase following an ignorant remark about the entertainer. Although Teigen is a model, author and television personality, her talent and relevance were questioned during this year's Emmy Awards.

A Texas news reporter and producer Heidi Alagha Tweeted from this reductive perspective. During the event, Alagha fixed her fingers to attribute Teigen's presence to her husband's talents, completely omitting any aspect of her own resume as an individual.

"Chrissy Teigen is beautiful but does she have to be included in everything just because she’s married to John Legend?"

A few people agreed with her statement on the social media platform. Then, the famous couple chimed in. 

John Legend effectively labeled the reporter as being incompetent at her job and feigned disappointment in her failure to accomplish her duties successfully:

"A reporter who doesn’t know how to use Google. How sad.”

Teigen response had more chill: "breathe chrissy."

Her fans got her back, of course. Others, not so much.

"@chrissyteigen, granted, is married to one of the most amazing voices in the world BUT SHE’S ALSO AMAZING ON HER OWN,” someone wrote. While many followers appeared to be on Teigen’s side, others were not pleased with the clapback."

“She didn’t @ you. The tweet wasn’t viral. She has 1000 followers. Why send your mob of TEN MILLION after her? She preys on the little guys which brings us right back to why she gets to go everywhere with John Legend"