The life of a celebrity photographer can be pretty fun, we can imagine. You basically get to follow around a famous person and snap photos every once in a while when there's an opportunity for social content. If your name is Kanye West, you may even have a videographer following you around on a regular basis to capture your every move. Post Malone and Adam DeGross likely have a close relationship at this point. The photographer can be seen in the photo credits of nearly every picture that Post Malone uploads to his Instagram. There may be somebody vying to pry his job away though, and it's not another professionally-trained cameraman. 

John Mayer slid into the comment section of Post Malone's latest photo, telling him that he sometimes wishes he was "his Adam DeGross." He then proceeded to reply to his own message by either dropping bars or just rambling on about whatever came to his mind. He elaborated, "Up in your face taking photos much closer than most. And if it's 'gross' like 'cross' then I'm taking the loss." Uh... alright. That started out as an affectionate message between buds but it turned into something that we aren't quite sure how to decipher.

Regardless, it looks like we have our hands on a budding bromance. Post was recently a guest on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show where he previewed a snippet of his new song with Swae Lee, "Sunflower." John Mayer actually came through this summer with a hit of his own, calling on No I.D. to deliver "New Light."