The Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me has been met with its fair share of criticism, but now even movies that were never even made about 'Pac are getting roasted by the Internet.

Daz Dillinger shared photos of script pages from the unfilmed John Singleton Tupac project on his Instagram page and, unsurprisingly, it was met with derision from social media users, with Dillinger himself going so far as to say that 'Pac would've "beat his azzz" over the shoddy writing. However, Singleton himself showed up in the comments to defend himself.

"I don't see nobody on here defending with respect of the Shakur family and how this whole movie shit went down and what this movie ended up being," ranted Singelton. "That movie should have been our Malcom X.... anyone who knows me know I would never do anyone to destroy Tupac legacy." Fans continued to drag the director over his potential inclusion of a rape scene, a story from Tupac's time in jail that he had previously debunked.