John Wall has one of the worst contracts in the NBA given his injury status over the years. He is making a grand total of $47 million and he hasn't played very many games over the last four seasons. In fact, the Houston Rockets sat him all of last year as it became clear that Wall had no intentions of playing there.

For a while now, the Rockets have been looking at a buyout solution, but nothing has really made sense for them. Now, however, it would appear as though some sort of agreement has finally been reached.

John Wall

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

According to Tim MacMahon, Wall is now going to be bought out and he will only lose about $6.5 million which is a pretty big win for him. Of course, this is a terrible scenario for the Rockets who will have to eat a truly horrible contract. 

Now that Wall is a free agent who can sign with anyone, it is being reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that Wall intends on going to none other than the Los Angeles Clippers. On the Clippers, Wall will get to play with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, which means there is officially a new big three in town.

This would be a massive addition to the roster, and we're sure fans are excited to see how it all plays out.