Johnny Manziel was kicked out of the CFL last week for allegedly breaching the contract that allowed him to participate in the league. The former Texas A&M quarterback played for the Montreal Alouettes last season and was looking as though he was getting back on track. Details are scarce as to exactly how Manziel breached his contract, but regardless, the CFL felt as though the infraction was worthy of a ban from the league. A few years ago, being cut from the CFL would mean a death sentence but that's changed as the AAF and the XFL are now viable options for players to go to. It seems as though that's exactly what Manziel intends to do as he was spotted throwing the ball around on the field recently.

Manziel can be seen on the field slinging the ball over a soccer net to a receiver. The quarterback's arm is looking pretty impressive and it seems like he's already in shape to jump on a team. While he may not be game ready, it appears like he's ready to at least take part in a tryout.

The XFL will be playing its first game in 2020, while the AAF is entering its fifth week of action. AAF co-founder Charlie Ebersol has stated that if Manziel is "clean and clear" to play, he'd be welcomed with open arms.