Today, a member of one of South Korea's most prominent boy bands, Shinee, has passed away. The K-Pop community mourns the loss of Jonghyun (real name Kim Jong-hyun), after the 27-year-old singer suddenly died. The BBC reports that Jonghyun was discovered in an apartment in Seoul, unconscious, where he was subsequently taken to a hospital. According to reports, the young man was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. 

The report states that Kim's sister alerted authorities after receiving a string of alarming text messages from her brother, including one which allegedly read ""this is my last farewell." As of this moment, police are currently investigating the possibility of a suicide. 

For those unfamiliar with the Jonghyun, the singer initially rose to fame after SM Entertainment formed his band Shinee in 2008. The group went on to skyrocket in popularity, with Jonghyun playing a pivotal role in their songwriting and production process. In 2015, Jonghyun went on to begin a solo career. The young artist was also quite outspoken about social issues, championing for LGBT rights and speaking openly about his government's education policy. 

His death is currently being mourned by legions of his fans, and Jonghyun's death bears a sad resemblance to rapper Lil Peep, who also recently died young. Rest In Peace, Jonghyun.