Jordan Peele transformed from a television sketch comedy star to an A-list celebrity when he delivered the movie Get Out to an unsuspecting world. Now Peele is being regarded as a genius, and for good reason. His ascension has opened many doors, and now the talented actor/director/producer is crafting a new show for YouTube Premium.

The new series is entitled Weird City, and will be a sci-fi comedy. According to Rolling Stone, each episode will take place in a city called Weird, and will last for a half hour. Set in the future, each episode will be "an exploration of issues that pertains to present day life, stories that could only be told now through the prism of sci-fi and comedy." Former Key & Peele writer Charlie Sanders is on board to bring Peele's vision to life. "Writer/creator Charlie Sanders and I collaborated on some Key & Peele sketches that took on everything from the ‘Black Republicans’ to ‘Continental Breakfasts’ to ‘Family Matters’,” Peele stated. “Now, with YouTube we present a series of comedy-driven twisted-ass science fiction stories that take place in a world close to ours but just a little bit off.” Weird City will be comprised of 6 episodes that air next year.