Jordan Peele's Get Out was not only 2017's most profitable movie, but also one of the year's best. With an original, eerie blend of horror, psychological tension, and dark social satire, Get Out established Peele as a filmmaker that shouldn't be taken lightly. Despite the fact that he became primarily known for his comedy work on Key & Peele, Jordan Peele proved himself more than capable of delivering a quality horror film for the ages. And while there are already talks of his follow-up film, titled Black Klansman, Peele continues to expand his empire with the announcement of his latest television endeavor. 

Peele has long been involved with CBS' reboot of The Twilight Zone, and as of today the network has officially placed a series order for the creepy, sci-fi classic. Peele will be acting as one of the series' executive producers, along with Simon Kinberg and Marco Rimerez (of Marvel's The Defenders). Apparently, the three of them will collaborate on the premiere episode, which has yet to receive an air-date. And while details are scare, we do know that The Twilight Zone will be appearing exclusively on CBS' All Access streaming service. 

Peele seems like the perfect man for the job. Earlier this year, he expressed interest in directing more "social thrillers" along the lines of Get Out, which might suggest a potential direction for the upcoming reboot. Either way, with Peele's name attached to it, The Twilight Zone may very well find a welcome new home in the television hierarchy.