Jordan Peele's highly-anticipated 2nd foray into the horror genre is fast approaching. Us starring Lupita Nyong’o as a woman who must cope with the trauma of childhood, has been reinforced with a second promotional poster, ten times more frightening than the first. In the new poster, Lupita Nyong’o in her assumed role as Adelaide Wilson, reveals her dispossessed self upon the removal of a skin-coloured mask.

Fans of Peele's previous work Get Out will be pleased to know the thematic conceit of Paranoia is just as integral, if not more, to the Us project. Judging by the new poster, Lupita's unmasking denotes a clear intention to finicky with the idea of trauma in a way that is both productive and entertaining. As you'd expect, social media's response to the new poster (posted by Jordan Peele as well) was resoundingly positive.

The second promotional poster even a elicited a response from an artist who took the high road approach in claiming that Peele & company were guilty of co-opting her artwork. She did, however, suggest some form of reimbursement, by way of her DMs. You be the judge, does the artist (below) have any credence to her claims? - comment below.