Joseline Hernandez recently entered a legal war with her baby's father Stevie J after he alleged she was not letting him see their daughter. After the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was spotted out and about with her new beau as he carried Stevie's fatherly duties for their daughter, the internet lit Stevie J on fire. The former couple is now at each other's necks with Stevie J allegedly attempting to have his baby momma thrown in jail for violating their custody agreement. According to reports by The Blast who were able to acquire court documents, Joseline is denying all posed allegations that she has violated the agreement. The terms, which were instated in 2018, relate to the pair's 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan.

Moreover, Joseline affirms she has not denied Stevie J any visitation or left him out of important decision making as he claims. She is asking for the court judge involved to deny his requests to have her thrown in jail and wants the entire case thrown out. Stevie J recently filed to have Joseline in contempt of court for breaching the deal and not allowing liberal visitation with their child. He claimed that she "prohibited regular visitation and parenting time" in the five times Stevie traveled to Florida to see his daughter. The producer also claims Joseline has left him out of important decisions regarding healthcare, education and religious upbringing.