Joseline Hernandez is over here claiming she and Tory Lanez aren't hooking up after she posted a photo of him literally cupping her breasts. "Can 2 young rich sexy talented people hang out and have fun without the world assuming anything. Smh. I’m allow to have friends without y’all making it bigger than life," she said after the fact. 

If she thought we didn't believe her before, then now we really don't believe her after she became speechless when talking about the "Shooters" rapper. Joseline chatted live with Bossip and when asked about Tory, right away she said: "damn get off my nuts everybody." 

When the crew followed up and asked Joseline if Tory knew what she thought about him before (she was a fan), she really didn't know what to say and got all tongue-tied - that's got to mean something. 

Check it out below.