Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has finally be reinstated by the NFL and is expected to be added to the Browns' active roster this Friday, making him eligible for this Sunday's matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. The 26-year old wideout has been suspended from the league for the past two years stemming from several violations of the league's substance abuse policy. 

Gordon has spoken about his drug and alcohol abuse multiple times leading up to his reinstatement, including a recent interview with Sports Illustrated's Ben Baskin, in which he outlines how he used to sell weed while attending Baylor University.

In the cover story, which you can read here, Baskin explains that Gordon estimates he profited more than $10,000 a month at Baylor.

"As a sophomore at Baylor he says he was receiving as much as six pounds of weed—vacuum-sealed and wrapped in Mylar, sprayed with kerosene and covered in coffee beans to mask the smell, shipped through U.S. mail—every week from a dealer back home. He would drive to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to sell it, and he estimates he was bringing in upward of $10,000 in profit every month."

In addition to selling weed, Gordon also stole cars and bought counterfeit money which he would use to get some quick, real cash.

"The gang would spend $100 to get $2,000 in fake currency, Gordon says, then he would go to McDonald’s and buy five $1 cheeseburgers with a large bill in order to get the legit change."

"Gordon would steal cars “almost every day,” he says, because “we just needed a ride.” He would either shatter a vehicle’s window or manipulate the locking mechanism, and his partner would do the hot-wiring."

"He also worked on a three-man crew that broke into homes—always empty, he says, but he was often carrying a gun—to steal electronics. “Whenever [the gang] could use you, exploit you on anything that puts you in danger of going to prison,” he says, “[I’d] be the guy.”"

From 2012-14, Josh Gordon was one of the NFL's most dominant wide receivers, compiling 2,754 yards with 14 touchdown receptions in just 35 games. During the 2014 season, he led the league with 1,646 receiving yards and 117.6 yards per game in 14 games for the Browns.

He hasn't played in the NFL since the 2014 season but is now completely sober and "in the best shape of his life." He is expected to make his official return in Los Angeles this Sunday.