Josh Jacobs was arrested during the early hours of Monday morning after he got into a car accident following his team's win against the Denver Broncos. According to reports, Jacobs was driving home from the airport when he crashed his car. When authorities arrived on the scene, Jacobs was allegedly impaired. At first, Jacobs was treated for his injuries but once that was over, the police took him to get booked.

Josh jacobs

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

As it stands, there are very few details on the full extent of the wreck and whether or not Jacobs will face any immediate charges or punishment. DUI's are as irresponsible as you can get when it comes to being on the road, which means Jacobs could be in for some stiff punishment, particularly from his own team.

In his two seasons with the Las Vegas Raiders, Jacobs has rushed for over 2,000 yards and has picked up 19 touchdowns. He is a burgeoning star and this latest arrest could put a huge hold on his career.

Stay tuned for details as we will be sure to bring them to you.