Those lawyer fees and court costs aren't cheap and R. Kelly is looking for ways to get back onstage to secure a few bags. Unfortunately for him, his pending case won't allow the singer to leave the state of Illinois, but today is walked into a courtroom in hopes that a judge would grant him permission to visit Dubai so he could perform. A requirement of Kelly's bail is that he had to turn over his passport, but he's begging for leniency for this special circumstance.

“The more money you make, the more money you spend,” said attorney Steve Greenberg. “His expenses are substantial.” Greenburg added, “I think that there were some more details that needed to be filled in to give the judge a certain comfort level. He wanted some more information so we’ll get that information to him.”

However, The Blast reports that this trip to Dubai may not be all about Kelly making money. Their sources say that Joycelyn Savage's family has concerns that this is an attempt by Kelly to get Savage and his other girlfriend, Azriel Clary, out of the country. They allege that the Savage family fears Kelly is just delaying, or outright trying to avoid, prosecution because the United States doesn't have an extradition treaty with the United Arab Emirates.

There were also rumors that Kelly was set to meet the Royal family, but there are worries that with such high-powered connections, Kelly and his girlfriends may never return. There was also reportedly supposed to be a meeting set up so that Savage could sit down with her family, but Kelly's publicist Darrell Johnson allegedly backed out of coordinating a specific time and place.