Though some might warn to never meet your idols, others would welcome the prospect of such connections. Luckily, Joyner Lucas counts himself among the latter camp, having recently engaged in a face-to-face conversation with his personal hero Will Smith. The meeting of the minds transpired on Smith's ongoing Snapchat series Will From Homewhich finds the legendary and multi-talented rapper slash actor enjoying the subtle pleasures of home life -- something with which we've all become well acquainted of late.

In the latest episode of Will From Home, Smith took a moment to connect with Joyner Lucas, to whom he previously reached out following the release of ADHD single "Will." At the time, Will expressed a desire to meet face-to-face, and so began an intergenerational bromance fueled by mutual respect. Now, Joyner has officially crossed another item of the bucket list, having recently linked up with Will and Jaden Smith to watch the "Will" video and have a meeting of the minds. 

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

"You’ve always been my idol," gushes Joyner. "For me, I feel like you’ve done everything the right way and I really look up to that.” Ever the loyal son, Jaden chimed in with a co-sign of Joyner's assessment, noting that his dad "did go from first making music in Philly, winning the first-ever rap Grammy, and then making that transition from mainly music into film.” Smith couldn't resist the set-up, coming through with some peak dad humor in the clutch: "Then, Jaden, after all of that, I made you!”

Should you be interested in catching Joyner and Smith's face-to-face conversation, you can check that out exclusively on Snapchat, the official source for all things Will From Home.