Joyner Lucas is tired of people scapegoating Chris Brown as the poster child for domestic violence. This morning, Lucas was noticeably charged up, as he videotaped himself via his vehicle's dash cam mirror. The Instagram rant was in response to unending backlash Chris Brown receives for his 2009 assault charge. 

Joyner Lucas made reference to Malcolm X past misdeeds as cause for forgiveness, adding that people make mistakes in the early stages of their development. The public has no sign of budging on their stance. Chris has maintained a tenuous relationship with the opposite sex. His quarrels with ex Karrueche were also a great disservice to his image. Needless to say, Chris Brown has not been ostracized from the industry, and continues to profit from its many dalliances.

Joyner and Chris Brown reportedly have a lot of music in the works. Their love affair dates back to god knows how long. Joyner once compared him Michael Jackson, emphasizing sheer talent. Joyner continues to insist that if people don't look Brown's misgivings they will miss out on the best this generation has to offer, in the truest sense.

Chris Brown has since reposted the video on his Instagram, see below.