Joyner Lucas' biting social commentary of racial america is now fodder for other musings. Comedian/rapper CominaHarr has created parody for "I'm Not Racist", titled "I'm Not a Puta." CominaHarr covers extreme positions of an argument, if only to reveal a more underrepresented opinion somewhere down the middle.

The fictional conversation between a white person and a black one in "I'm Not Racist" gets entirely subverted. In its place, CominaHarr creates two stock characters: a flashy customer, and a scantily clad bartender. The two characters carry their heavy handed conversation in a Strip Club, where they rebuff each other and enter a discourse instead. The customer shames her, she takes her shot too. the video closes in awkward as the customer seems to get the last laugh in their exchange.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is a disguised parody. Rather, CominaHarr makes this song his own, stealing only the musical structure of the original. 

The parody might be offensive to some, misogynistic, or short sighted, but as one philosopher put it, "extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions."

Peep the original and the parody below.