Despite the global state of affairs being rather alarming, Joyner Lucas has taken it upon himself to keep the levity up with a self-deprecating Instagram post. In the process, he may very well have sparked an inadvertent challenge of sorts, the "roast-me" challenge if you will. Sharing a picture from an undetermined period of time and inviting fans to have a laugh at his expense, Joyner made sure to contrast the awkward throwback with one of his noticeably more self-assured current day look. 

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"3.... 2....1..... roast me," invites Joyner, alongside a picture of what can only be described as Sisqo's cousin, complete with a halfway-finished goatee and a piercing gaze of passive-aggressiveness. In all fairness, it's unclear as to when the image was taken, and this look may have been all the rage back when he first started rocking it. Yet given the sudden willingness to stage an impromptu roast at his expense, perhaps Joyner was simply digging through his Facebook Memories and found himself aghast at his once cherished former profile picture. 

True, this isn't exactly what you'd call breaking news. Yet sometimes we need a little bit of dry amusement to keep ourselves sane. Either way, you've gotta respect Joyner's willingness to put himself in the crosshairs like that, because you already know his followers are coming with the jokes. Check out our official review of Joyner LucasADHD right here