While Chris Brown sits detained in Paris over alleged rape and drug charges, his friend and collaborator Joyner Lucas has issued an impassioned, and frustrated plea in his defense. Of course, given that the extent of Breezy's circumstances has yet to fully develop, it's difficult to draw any concrete conclusions one way or another. Yet Lucas remains adamant in his assessment of Breezy'scharacter, and claims that he most certainly did not rape anybody.

"Smh GET THE FUCK OFF MY N***Z DICK BRO!!!!" writes Joyner, in response to a publication's report. "[Chris Brown] ain’t rape nobody. Any and every way someone gets the opportunity to create a story and try to ruin my i***z legacy they take it. It won’t happen tho." He also maintains that Brown faces willing women damn near every night, and therefore, never has to resort to any foul play. "Anybody who actually thinks breezy needs to take some pussy got issues. Trust me when I say it doesn’t matter what city, state, country, or continent this n***a goes to, he can literally pick like a flower from a garden of bad bitches who wanna fuck and it’s that simple. Nobody bout to make me believe this n***a is a rapist."

Lucas expresses that Breezy is the victim of character assassination on a recurring basis, and has developed reclusive tendencies as a result. "I’m no conspiracy theorist but no bullshit, im really starting to believe that TV networks are paying muthafukas to false claim allegations just so they can turn it into a documentary," says Joyner. For what it's worth, the pair has a history of working together, and are set to release a collaborative album called Angels & Demons in the near future.