One of the more exciting rap battles of the entire year has been between Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas. For many hip-hop fans, it ended up being a highlight of last week. A few tracks were exchanged between the two and tensions seem to have dissipated. The entire brouhaha was a hot topic as both respects the other. There was never any bad blood - it was just nice to see two rappers flexing their lyrical abilities in an effort to prove they were the best. Now, artists like Mysonne and Chris Rivers are throwing their names in the conversation by submitting their own songs but Joyner is still focused on sending a message to Tory.

On a new episode of his podcast, Joe Budden was asked if he believes that Joyner Lucas raps better than Tory Lanez, to which he immediately answered "yes." Since then, Joyner has offered his own reaction to Budden's claims, saying that, "It isn’t rocket science." He kindly asked the Canadian to stay in his lane, ending with, "Christmas is coming up soon tho so please make some more singing music or Christmas carols for us. we miss you tory."

Lanez has told DJ Akademiks that the battle with Joyner isn't necessarily finished. Maybe this is the fuel he needed to hop back in the studio to bang out another diss track. If anything, this has been amazing for both of their careers.