Yung Miami really wants to be in some beef... so much so that she would fake one, fooling everybody including her best friend.

You've got to love the City Girls. The group oozes authenticity but, when it comes to internet beefin', they've really got nothing going on right now. The people love Yung Miami and JT, listening to their new album City On Lock and already begging for more new music. As they craft their next project, the duo has some downtime and, apparently, it's gotten quite uneventful for Yung Miami. 

Last week, she was posting as though she was bothered by somebody in particular but, as it turns out, she's a-okay with everyone.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

After she posted an Instagram Story that said "hoe why are you here?", fans of the City Girls assumed that there was somebody trying to cast some shade above Yung Miami's sun. After JT bit and asked what was going on, Caresha spilled the truth.

"Who," asked JT after seeing the post. "I don't know I just wanna look like I'm beefing. I never be in drama. So boring," replied Yung Miami. Of course, the direct messages were posted later on Twitter.

We all know someone who is always finding their way in some drama. Some people just like the attention. It seems Yung Miami got caught doing exactly that, fishing for beef.

At the end of the day, she was probably just listening to Flo Milli's new project Ho, why is you here?