The City Girls have been pretty much cementing their names in pop culture and the rap game for over a year. If you think about it, the last summer we had before COVID was often referred to as the City Girl/Boy summer. Needless to say, JT and Yung Miami have been all over the pace with a fanbase that's grown exponentially since they emerged under the Quality Control imprint.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

JT and Yung Miami have all eyes on them these days. And when they go on Instagram Live, there isn't a salacious bit that doesn't find its way on a headline. Just the other day, JT was hanging out with fans on IG Live when she made a wrong move and had a brief wardrobe malfunction. "Oh shit. It's always the titties for me," she casually said as she popped her breast back into her bra. "Them shits so god damn big."

Of course, it didn't take long for the clip to circulate across the Internet, specifically on porn sites. Apparently, JT's nip slip video became the #1 trending topic on PornHub after the video proliferated through the world wide web. JT hit Twitter this weekend with a hilarious reaction to getting a "number one."

"Lol I'm really trending #1 on porn hub thus idiot gone say told you you gone get a #1," she tweeted. 

Evidently, she isn't stressing about it too hard right now. Obviously, we can't share the video here but you can peep her reaction below.