Suge Knight's courtroom drama has as many tense moments as it does moments of levity. In Tuesday's pretrial hearing for Suge Knight's murder case, the court found itself in recess and dropped in on his second booking. The exchange I am about to recount produced perhaps the first sign of giddyness in Suge Knight's recorded life. On the part of the courthouse, it also represent a real lapse in professionalism.

A second presiding over an additional charge (for his criminal threats proceeding against Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray), took place in the same courthouse, in what was a busy for Suge and lawmakers. The second judge decided to ask Suge for his opinion on the NBA playoff picture, perhaps thinking he could open up the defendant with light conversation.

Suge began to collect his thoughts and before he could get a word in, the judge insisted upon a once-and-for-all answer. Suge gave it a second ponderance before responding "Houston." The judge seemed satisfied with his response, and they returned to the court summon. On monday, a judge ordered a September 24 date for his murder trial. He is accused of murdering his longtime friend Terry Carter. Many close to the case believe the charges will be mitigated to reflect a vehicular homicide.