There's a simple formula many hip-hop fans adhere to. The more Lil Wayne, the better. Not complicated, really. As such, the fact that his albums occasionally suffer from outlandish delays has caused grief in many a listener. It's a miracle we received the long-lost T-Wayne when we did; the fates of Tha Carter V and the Juelz Santana collaboration I Can't Feel My Face are far less certain. In fact, the Santana project has already undergone a decade long wait, rivaling only the delay of George R.R. Martin's The Winds Of Winter in scope of frustration. 

Still, there remains reason to hope. A few days back, Juelz engaged in discourse with a curious fan, who inquired about the status of the anticipated Lil Wayne mixtape. While the vast majority appears to have written the project off, Juelz remains optimistic. "That thing already Done bro Jus Know..." replied Juelz, in response to a fan's request for closure. While Santana provided little in that department, the fact that a finished project is collecting dust somewhere gives us small comfort. Or does it?

Either way, the project could very well "pop up outta nowhere," as Wayne is wont to do. Last year's T Wayne was certainly a pleasant surprise, and the blast from the past style tapes could be the start of a welcome tradition. Either way, all we can do is bide our time, taking solace in the fact that the project is indeed complete.