It's been a rough year for Juelz Santana and his long-time girlfriend and mother of his children, Kimbella. The rapper was placed on house arrest at his mother's home and was prohibited from moving back to his mother's crib. Thankfully, he reunited with his wifey and his kids in early September after the judge signed off on modifications. Over the weekend, the couple got engaged, but apparently, some fans believe that Santana only did this out of fear that he'd lose her if he was sentenced to jail. Juelz decided to clarify this for fans.

Juelz Santana respectfully clapped back at a fan who suggested that the rapper only proposed to his long-time girlfriend because he was "bout to go to jail for 2 years." Santana saw the comment and decided to put the commenter in his place.

"If I was worried about someone taking her then I wouldn't of did it," he wrote. "If someone take ya lady, a ring ain't gonna stop nothing. U just gonna be out of a ring n a lady. What u saying makes no sense... Stay blessed tho fam."

Back in August, Juelz Santana plead guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and carrying a weapon on an aircraft. His trial date is expected to start on December 12th. If he's convicted, he faces a max. sentence of 20 years behinds bars.