The Diplomats are inching closer towards the release of their forthcoming reunion album which fans have been waiting on for a minute. The campaign technically kicked off around this time last year after the Harlem collective headlined RapCaviarLive in NYC and released their single, "Once Upon A Time." Diplomatic Ties is set to drop this Friday, but Dipset blessed us with the video for their song, "Sauce Boyz" last week which unfortunately turned Juelz Santana into a meme for what appeared to be his lack of front teeth. Clearly, he caught wind of the jokes and decided to put an end to it by proving that his teeth are intact.

Juelz Santana took to Instagram to show off his pearly whites after he was subject to the internet's ruthless roasting ways. The rapper showed off his teeth with the caption, "Next" followed by a "100" emoji and a checkmark.

One of the many people who decided to roast Juelz Santana online was 50 Cent. Fif suggested that Juelz was missing teeth due to excessive use of drugs. 

"Damn it Mmaaannn just say no to drugs. This is going to far now, no teeth," he wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of Juelz Santana in the "Sauce Boyz" visual. 

Juelz may have not directly responded to 50 Cent, but we could assume the post surfaced on his timeline at some point.