Earlier this month, G Herbo lit the internet up when he made some wild statements on Instagram. We know that Chicago sticks together so it wasn't surprising to hear that Herb had high expectations for his boy Juice WRLD. However, comparing him (or anyone) to Michael Jackson will always be met with a decent amount of backlash. 

Herb coined Juice the "new Michael Jackson" on social media and people were unsure of how to react. As one of the biggest breakout stars of the year, it's clear that Juice has the makings of a star in the industry. "Lucid Dreams" has been huge and while his recent material hasn't generated a single as big as that one, his tape with Future sounded a bit more like a Juice WRLD highlight reel at times. The comparisons to Michael Jackson, one of the greatest artists to ever pick up a microphone, were a little unsettling and even Juice wasn't certain about how to react. In a new interview with Billboard, he explained, "He should have texted me and told me he was going to say that when he said that. I don't have any opinion on what he said. Like I have no opinion on it whether I think it's true or not, but he should have let me know because people were hitting my phone like, 'Oh, you're Michael Jackson.' It was funny."

Juice has clearly paid attention in media training. He also referred to his chance to collaborate with Future as a "blessing." A few years ago, the artist tweeted that he wanted to make a tape with Fewtch. Finally, things have come full circle. Read the full piece here.