What better way to proclaim one's true feelings than a raucous, hooligan-style chant? During a London show, breakout star Juice WRLD, whom you might recognize for his emo-tinged hit "All Girls Are The Same," came seeking all the smoke. Footage reveals an unruly crowd, unified in their sole hatred for all things rainbow, chanting the simple yet no-nonsense mantra of "Fuck 6ix9ine." Like a maestro fueled by equal-parts hatred and hive-mindery, Juice WRLD soaks it in with grin firmly on face. Eventually, he throws in a few passionate renditions himself.

Many have been quick to label this the feud nobody wanted. Others have claimed it is merely a series of events reaching a logical conclusion. Granted, given Tekashi's recent disavowal of beef, one might dub Juice WRLD's provocations as somewhat of a suspect maneuver. Still, the heart wants what it wants, and an argument can be made that this instance is simply 6ix9ine's chickens coming home to roost.

Given his no-holds-barred declaration of war against Chi-town and all who claim it, it's no surprise that Juice WRLD has rallied behind his set. Just when 6ix9ine gets out, they pull him back in.